How will covid-19 affect your business?

How will covid-19 affect your business?

The spread of the corona virus covid-19 has triggered a global health crisis. The measures which are now being taken by governments and authorities to fight against covid-19 have major financial consequences and raise many legal issues. On this page you will find articles and the most common questions that arise as a result of covid-19. Thanks to DLA Piper’s global network we are able to advise on legal issues all over the world. Please feel free to contact our lawyers if you have any questions or need help.

If you have questions related to the legal consequences arising from Covid-19, please contact us at DLA Piper.

Employment Law

  • Termination of employees
  • New rules for short-term employment
  • New rules for sick pay
  • Work environment issues – working from home, etc.
  • Questions about quarantining employees

Contact: Johan Sundberg

Data Protection Questions (GDPR)

  • Handling of personal data concerning health
  • What are companies allowed to register in relation to employees, etc. as well as disease, for example Covid-19

Contact: Johan Sundberg

Commercial Agreements

  • Force Majeure, the Seller’s opportunities to avoid delay penalties and the Buyers’ opportunity to invoke Force Majeure in order not to have to receive goods.
  • Contractual reservations and contract reviews
  • Securing the supply chain
  • Notification of delay, the importance of securing evidence, etc.

Contact: Fredrika Allard (agreements), Mikael Moreira (agreements) and Karl-Oscar Dalin (disputes)

Corporate Law

  • Conducting board meetings and general meetings
  • Reporting obligation and quarterly reporting
  • Profit warnings
  • Equity requirements and liquidity - the Board’s obligation to act

Contact: Anders Malmström and Anders Waltner for corporate law matters and Richard Folke for stock exchange matters.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

  • Advice for companies with financial challenges
  • Liquidity problems
  • Insolvency advice
  • Duties of the Board - Board responsibilities

Contact: Kent Hägglund or Jonas Premfors

Tax Matters

  • Deferred payments of taxes and duties
  • Liquidity issues in Groups
  • Tax issues for personnel abroad – income tax and social insurance contributions
  • Personnel sent here from abroad – income tax and social insurance contributions
  • New financing structures due to change in investment position
  • Losses in companies and from investments

Contact: Erik Björkeson


  • Loss coverage
  • Notification of claims

Contact: Arthur Csatho and David Johansson


  • Financial terms
  • Security and guarantees
  • Parent company guarantees

Contact: Björn Sjöberg

 Real Estate

  • Drive duty
  • Exemption from rental obligation

Contact: Gustaf Ström