We provide sound advice on all legal issues relating to insurance.



Our Insurance team assists both Swedish and international clients in the insurance sector. We assist with advice on issues relating to contracts and transactions in which insurance companies are involved. An important part of our practice concerns reinsurance. Our group also represents insurance companies, reinsurers and insurance agents in litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Our services

Acquisitions/structural deals
We participate in both large and small structural deals concerning insurance-related businesses. These might relate to acquisitions, transfers, portfolio transfers, establishments, restructurings, outsourcing, financing, or winding up proceedings and run-off related issues.

Regulatory issues
We have regular contact with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and can assist in all issues related to permits and supervisory operations. This includes cross-border insurance and insurance agency operations as well as the establishment and financing of those operations. As far as cross-border matters are concerned, thanks to our close co-operation with lawyers across the DLA Piper Group, we can advise quickly and efficiently on establishment abroad and other insurance business overseas.

Insurance agreements
We advise on all aspects of insurance agreements. For instance, we can assist in working out insurance terms and conditions and interpreting existing terms and conditions for different insurance products in insurance against loss or damage, liability insurance, life assurance/pensions and shipping and transport insurance.

Litigation and arbitration
We work principally for insurers in all types of insurance-related disputes. This includes disputes with insured parties covered by insurance policies and disputes relating to reinsurance agreements. We frequently act as representatives for insured parties covered by liability insurance. In addition, we assist insurers in recourse matters, in particular within shipping and transport insurance, and on reservation issues.

Our tax lawyers can advise on the tax issues related to all types of insurance and pensions. We also assist with regard to “run-off” companies.

We are experienced in reinsurance, advising on agreements, commutations, preparations prior to inspections, disputes, and more.

Our clients

We work with the entire Swedish insurance industry on a day-to-day basis. Our clients also include a number of global insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as insurance brokers.