With our many years of experience and knowledge within employment, we help you handle your employment issues proactively.



Our Employment team primarily assists employers in both complex and everyday labour law issues. Our clients include media, industrial and consultancy companies as well as banks and others.

Our services

Employment contracts
We have deep experience of all aspects of employment contract drafting and negotiation. This includes settling issues such as subsidiary occupations, confidentiality and non-competition, and, in particular, payment methods.

We are often called to advise on terminations due to redundancy or for personal reasons, as well as on dismissals. We can review the relevant documentation and help you take the right course of action to avoid disputes.

Amendment of terms of employment
When bonus terms and other employment benefits are changed, employers turn to our team for its experience in handling the relevant negotiations. We provide you with the advice you need to plan and carry out such changes smoothly.

Confidentiality and competition
In recent years, it has become increasingly important to protect each company's intellectual capital – its "know-how". We prepare confidentiality and non-competition clauses as well as regulations to cover intellectual property rights. We also offer hands-on advice when an employee leaves an organization so you can handle any confidentiality, trade secrets and loyalty issues which may arise.

Trade union issues
We make sure that your company fulfils the formal requirements for negotiations and information even in difficult situations, and that you maintain good relations with trade unions. There might be issues with collective agreements, transfer of business, or other matters that entail important changes to either the business or the employment terms of individual employees.

Litigation and arbitration
Our labour lawyers represent clients in all types of employment disputes. We have particular experience with disputes relating to terminations and dismissals, collective agreement disputes and disputes involving loyalty issues.

Business transfers
Employers' rights and liabilities in the purchase and sale of companies vary considerably depending on the structure of the transaction. We work closely with ur corporate lawyers to ensure you identify and solve any employment issues that may arise.

Incentive programmes
We prepare bonus and commission agreements which offer consistent and predictable solutions, both for you as an employer and for your employees.

Training courses and seminars
DLA Pipers' employment group regularly organizes training programmes and holds breakfast seminars on current employment issues.

Our clients

Our clients include large and medium-sized Swedish and global companies, as well as smaller owner-managed companies, such as:

  • Industrial companies
  • Media companies
  • Consultancy companies
  • Airlines
  • Banks
  • Transport companies

Our broad experience of working with companies in different sectors means we are familiar with all of the employment law issues you encounter in your daily business.