We help you to make wise decisions; whether they relate to tax-efficient structures when purchasing or selling companies, restructuring of company groups or incentive programmes for employees.



How can we help you?

Company taxation
This is our main area of experience. We assist in all of the tax issues affecting your business, both on a day-to-day basis and in transactions and restructurings. We work with global groups of companies, family businesses and foundations. We regularly team up with our corporate lawyers to advise you as a buyer or seller. Unlike many other tax advisors, our tax lawyers are also experienced in corporate law – we consider this to be essential in bringing you the best advice.

International taxation
You will have access to the skills of one of the largest tax teams globally. This means we can advise you on cross-border mandates and when your employees move from one country to another.

Transfer pricing
70 per cent of all cross-border transactions occur between group companies or companies otherwise affiliated with one another. Determining the correct price for these internal transactions of goods and services has therefore become fundamental. Incorrect pricing may entail unnecessary tax costs or tax penalties. We assist companies in analysing and optimising their transfer pricing and in the relevant documentation. This is a requirement in most countries.

Tax litigation
Our tax lawyers regularly act as counsel in tax litigation relating to both private individuals and companies.

Value added tax and energy tax
VAT issues arise in almost all areas of business. For example, we can advise you in assessing whether you are conducting a business liable for VAT in the first place, in which country VAT should be paid, or how VAT should be treated in construction projects. VAT has become one of the most important areas of tax and is increasingly more complex. We are experienced advisers in energy tax.

Incentive programmes
The way in which you reward your employees may be crucial to the success of your business. We help you determine a remuneration scheme that meets the needs of your business, ensuring that it is favourable from a tax standpoint for both your company and your employees.

IP tax
We advise on the tax implications of the transfer and licensing of IP and patent rights for company groups with cross-border activities.

Our clients

Global groups of companies, owner-managed companies, foundations, and sometimes private individuals all feature among our clients. We have experience in most business sectors and have special experience within real estate and construction, as well as insurance.