Our Real Estate team offers advice on all issues related to real estate.


Real Estate

We can help you when buying and selling real estate – directly or through a company – and provide professional advice on building contract/construction law, development projects, tenancy law and disputes. Our clients can be found both in Sweden and abroad.

Our Services

Purchase and sale of properties
We are one of the largest law firms in Sweden working in the field of property purchase and sale. We have a great deal of collective experience within the area and we are constantly working to develop and update it. We can help you with tax issues, negotiations and drawing up agreements, amongst other things. We have been involved in the purchase and sale of everything from large shopping centres to smaller commercial properties.

Construction and consultancy law
We can provide help on all issues within contract law. These might relate to issues of liability between principal and contractor, as well as interpretation of the standard agreements developed by sector organizations and which are used for different types of contracting.

Commercial tenancy law and other usufruct law
We provide legal advice on tenancy, leasehold and other usufruct relationships within real estate. We offer help with drawing up tenancy and lease agreements, with the transfer of premises, sub-letting, issues relating to damages, renegotiations, extension disputes and mediation before rent tribunals.

Disputes about property, lease and tenancy issues
We can assist in disputes within the field of property law, both before courts and in arbitration proceedings. We also have great experience gained from acting as arbitrators in real estate and construction law disputes.

Development projects
We often work with development projects for land areas. Within the projects, we assist in drawing up purchase agreements, converting properties into companies, applying for property regulation and drawing up co-operation and development agreements between public bodies and private companies. We also assist in issues relating to communal facilities, easements, and wire and cable drawing rights. Our clients include both principals and contractors.

Our Clients

Our clients are mainly companies who in the course of business come into contact with issues relating to real estate, for instance:

  • Property companies
  • Building companies
  • Investment companies
  • Banks
  • Tenant-owner associations
  • Individual landlords
  • Municipalities

As a large firm, we are constantly working on a whole range of issues of current interest within real estate. We are therefore always updated about our clients’ needs and are very familiar with how their markets work.