As one of Sweden's largest banking and finance groups, we offer guidance in all areas.



Our experienced lawyers help you reach the right decisions on the full range of acquisition finance, lending, real estate and project finance, asset finance and leasing and other issues. Our clients include financial institutions, financial services providers and others, both in Sweden and abroad.

Our services

Acquisition finance and bank lending
This is one of our principal areas of activity. We structure loan transactions, develop and negotiate bilateral and syndicated loans, draw up security packages and assist in public and private acquisition financings. As we regularly work on cross-border transactions, we often assist in coordinating order issues in a number of different countries.

Structured finance
Few law firms can rival our experience of structured finance. In recent years, we have helped clients in several large factoring and leasing transactions. These include cross-border leasing and global leasing mandates relating to trains, aircraft and industrial assets, among others.

Real estate and project finance
We can provide you with comprehensive advice in real estate and project financing, thanks to our deep knowledge in this field and our close co-operation with our real estate and tax teams. In addition to traditional real estate finance, we assist in the formation and financing of real estate funds.

Export credit
We can assist you on the full range of export credit issues. For instance, we will manage your dealings with the Swedish Export Credit Corporation and Sweden's Export Credits Guarantee Board and review guarantees issued by the latter.

We assist in all types of risk handling issues and in the use of currency and interest derivatives.

We help both borrowers and lenders on all issues relating to the issuing of debt instruments. We can also negotiate current agreements and provide detailed prospectus reviews.

Supervision and permit issues
Our supervision and permit lawyers have close contacts with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We give advice to Swedish and overseas banks and financial services providers on all types of supervision and permit issues. These issues often relate to personal information and confidentiality.

Restructuring and refinancing
Together with our insolvency team, we can help you in all types of restructuring and refinancing, such as handling distressed loans and loan restructuring mandates.

Our clients

Our clients include Swedish and global companies and financial institutions, such as:

  • Banks
  • Financial services providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment companies
  • Private equity firms
  • Investment funds
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Real estate companies

We have broad experience in the industry and are very familiar with how your market works.

Within finance and securities, our expertise includes real estate, aviation, trains, shipping, consumer credit, mortgage lending, investment funds and others. We also have extensive experience in financial services, as we often represent insurance companies, banks and securities companies in relation to their products and services.