Webinar: Coronavirus covid-19 and its effects on supply chain contracts

19 Mar 2020

Supply chains are increasingly long, international and interdependent – coronavirus COVID-19 has brought this into the spotlight.

This webinar will cover the client questions we’re asked and the advice we give when supply-chain disruption occurs - focusing on the contractual issues and the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

In the webinar, we will:

  • review a variety of legal (and practical) issues you should consider (including technology contracts);
  • explain the legal doctrines of frustration and force majeure, including the extent to which they can be avoided/mitigated; and
  • consider both suppliers and customer perspectives, recognising that, in many supply chains, businesses are often both a supplier and a customer.

The webinar will be presented by an international panel of speakers from countries which are being impacted by coronavirus COVID-19 to varying degrees, including from China, Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

Who should attend?

CEOs, CFOs, Supply Chain Directors, Sales Directors, Relationship Managers, Contract Managers, Vendor Managers, In House Counsel and those involved in:

  • managing and operating supply chains and/or routes to market for goods and services;
  • all those who will be affected by disruption to their supply chain or routes to market.


Stephan Wright, UK

Scott Thiel, Hong Kong

Giulio Coraggio, Italien

Gregory Tulquois, Frankrike

Thilo von Bodungen , Tyskland

Mark C. Lehberg