Information about the coronavirus COVID-19

12 Mar 2020

The outbreak and spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 have caused a global health emergency. It has severe harmful effects on people, health systems, societies and economies in many countries throughout the world. Furthermore, the coronavirus COVID-19 has extensive damaging effects on companies and employees involved in national and international production, trade, transport and logistics, travel, tourism, hospitality, live-entertainment events and many other commercial activities.

DLA Piper is providing advice and assistance to affected companies and authorities around the world, including the more than 40 countries where DLA Piper has offices.

DLA Piper continuously publishes articles with guidance on legal and related practical matters in relation to the coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact. Please see our global website with articles and news on coronavirus COVID-19 here.

See for example our guidance articles on the impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on commercial agreements in relation to clauses on force majeure and acts of God:

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