Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations

The starting point of our work is to prevent disputes by means of drawing up carefully considered agreements in close co-operation with you. Should a dispute arise, we offer one of the strongest teams of experienced litigation lawyers in Sweden. We guide you through the litigation process and help you to achieve the best solution from a business perspective. Our clients include Swedish and international corporations, governmental institutions and authorities.

Our services

Court proceedings
Traditional litigation – proceedings in the District Courts, Appeal Courts and perhaps even the Supreme Court – requires a type of craftsmanship, which we have spent years perfecting. Success in litigation is as much about tactics, initiative and pedagogic ability as about the law. Based on your business interests, we make an assessment of the best way forward, both before and during a litigation process. We have helped Swedish and international clients in a number of large litigation proceedings throughout Sweden. We also have wide experience regarding disputes in the Labour Court, the Market Court and rent tribunals, and of tax cases in the Administrative Courts.

Arbitration proceedings
We have experience both as arbitrators and as legal representatives in Swedish and international arbitration proceedings, for instance before the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). We have represented banks, industrial enterprises, and Swedish and foreign national authorities in a number of major arbitration cases. As arbitration proceedings and awards often affect companies in several countries, our litigation lawyers have also represented governments in Europe and Asia in large-scale arbitration proceedings.

Alternative methods for settling disputes
More and more disputes are now being settled in ways other than through judgement by a court or an arbitration tribunal. Alternative methods for settling disputes often entail a business advantage for our clients, and for this reason we favour using negotiation or mediation to reach a settlement – and perhaps a resumed business relationship with the former opposing party.

Our clients

Our clients include Swedish and international corporations, governmental institutes and authorities. We work with clients within a wide range of sectors such as IT, telecoms, industry and media.